Saturday, September 22, 2012

Largest ever naval exercise in the Gulf hosted by US

Around the World: Volcan del Fuego erupts in Guatemala

China launches Naval War Drills as General Warns Military "Prepare for C...

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Children Baptized into Earth First Death Cult

More film and cartoon protests expected for Friday prayers

Real life 'Project X' party video: Police disperse 3,000-strong Facebook...

Israel A Miracle

Pakistan (Church On Fire) Pictures From A Pastor!

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3MIN News Sept 22, 2012

Jack Van Impe -- Obama's 56 Ant-Christian Actions

SOLAR ACTIVITY UPDATE: Quiet Sun? (September 22nd, 2012).

US led Armada (30 Nations) massing in Gulf as Israel prepares for an Ira...

Judge Dredd Leaked!

Cybersecurity Executive Order Almost Complete