Tuesday, April 24, 2012

December 21st 2012 :History's Final Day?

IDF Remembers Fallen Soldier Dan Talasnikov

'Fireball' Lights Up Daytime Sky in Nevada and California [Pictures] - A...

Muslim Brotherhood in America: The Overview

Teenager disappears into ground as sinkhole opens up in Chinese pavement

Tale of the Shepherd Planets

Alert! Mad Cow Disease Discovered in California Again April 24, 2012

Palestinian Indoctrination: Child Recites Anti-Israel Poem, "Our Enemy, ...

Obama condemns monitoring abroad as Congress pushes CISPA

Mt.PoPo in Mexico/Live Cam of Eruption/ Imagen del Volcán Popocatépetl

Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope?

יום העצמאות Independence Day Israel

The Universe - Season 1 Episode 04 - Jupiter- The Giant Planet

Prophecy Signs for April 24, 2012 with Frank DiMora

Close to the Edge.

Sun-Diving Comet - Earth Directed CME - 24th April 2012.wmv

4/24/2012 -- Mount Etna - Italy - Erupts violently

Bibles on Base

New Video about Iranian Threat to Israel and America (4.24.12)

AMERICA - Bank Bailouts To Haunt Your Dreams

The Tribal Update makes Danish ISMers an offer they can't refuse

People's army march back into clean-up, Islamist militants dead-bodies k...

Allen West: FBI Allowing Muslim Brotherhood Influence of National Securi...

Half of Moscow's landfills full to brim

Apr 24, 2012 China_Russia naval drill makes waves in emerging region

Taxing Us Into Communism

George Washington's Prayer For America!!

Apr 23, 2012 China_and Russian naval officers celebrated Navy Day

Reports of SeaGulls Moving Inland/US & China.

Extend and Pretend Economics then COLLAPSE

Where Is The Rapture Taught In The Bible? (

DARPAs Hypersonic Nuke Glider the 'Falcon' test flight Apr 23, 2012

Kansas Churches Being Forced To Host Gay Weddings

Narrated: Moonset over the Atlantic Ocean

2MIN News: Volcanos, Spaceweather, Planetary/Lunar Position

Etna Eruption 23 to 24 April 2012. Etna Eruption, HD

Egypt/ Israel gas deal terminated

"The Trayvon War"

Iran Declares A Blockade of Strait Of Hormuz!

Asteroid Threat Becomes A Promise: New Space Venture Launches | Video


Heavy Rains Flood Peru and Colombia

The Universe - Season 1 Episode 01 - Secrets of the Sun

The Universe - Season 1 Episode 02 - Mars- The Red Planet

The Universe - Season 1 Episode 03 - End of the Earth

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Jonathan Cahn 1 with Sid Roth - Harbinger the Warning

Jonathan Cahn 2 with Sid Roth - Harbinger the Shaking