Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May17 - Vacation: 2MIN News Returns Friday

The Accelerated Designed Implosion

SOLAR ACTIVITY UPDATE: Powerful M5.1-Class Flare/CME (May 17th, 2012).

5/17/2012 -- Large solar flare sends shockwave across the Sun (not earth...

Fabled Enemies Full Length

Islam - What the West Needs to Know (full)

Mary Kennedy Dead 52 Ex-Wife Of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The Elite Are Digging Their Own Grave

China's 2nd Stealth Fighter J-20 Spotted on Taxing Tests(5/10/2012)

Israel Not Invited

Brazilians Battle Rising Flood Waters - May 2012.wmv

Power Kills

ScienceCasts: Solar Eclipse in the USA

Spain's PM Says "Putin Told Me Israel Will Take Care Of Iran"

MONUMENTAL EARTH CHANGES: Massive Geological Upheaval at the Monowai Und...

Is The World About To Unravel? Run On Greek Banks!!

May 15, 2012 Jordan_US, 18 allies launch joint military exercises in Jordan

2MIN News May16

How The Enemy Will Kill 200 Million Americans, in Three Days, Without Fi...

2012 Armed Forces Day

Bank Runs Start In Greece

Army Today - May 16th, 2012

SpaceX to make history with International Space Station dock