Tuesday, August 28, 2012

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Revelation in Art

Chinese Fishermen Dead, Missing After Typhoon Bolaven Hits South Korea

China has tested DF-41 ICBM and JL-2 SLBM

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Creepy Military Helicopters Harass Downtown Minneapolis - Aug. 28, 2012

President Obama issues warning ahead of Hurricane Isaac landfall

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Prophecy in the News: Moved Like the Rivers

Iranium - Full Length Movie

"Shabbat hunter" anti-Semitic Iranian film

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euronews hi-tech - Getting to grips with an artificial finger

Iran - The Greatest Threat to Western Civilization

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Iran Sends Another Warship Though The Suez Canal

First human voice beamed from another planet

Student RFID tracking in Middle Schools

How an Anti-Semitic Picture Made the News

2MIN News August 28, 2012: Record Arctic Melt

IAF Strikes Two Weapons Sites in Gaza

Hurricane Isaac Update 08/28/12

Mini-Tornado in Guatemala Causes Some Damage - Aug. 26, 2012