Sunday, May 27, 2012

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HAARP ? Strange Light in the Sky.

First Body Recovered From Siachen Gayari Sector - Pakistan Army

50 Days ago almost 140 Pakistan Army Soldiers where buried under a avalanche in Gayari Sector of Siachen. From that day Rescue operation is underway by Pakistan Army Soldiers and finally after hard work of 50 days first body is recovered.
The soldier whose body is recovered is Muhammad Hussain. The body is shifted to Goma Hospital. After recovery of first body it is hoped that other bodies will also be found soon. the funeral prayer of recovered soldier is also offered.
Rescue operation is continuously going on despite bad weather and other difficulties from day 1. 450 people are taking part in this operation.

ALERT - Asteroid 2012 KP24 (UPDATED) DATA NOW SHOWS 6.0E -4 AU

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