Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Vancouver body parts linked to Magnotta

SOLAR ACTIVITY UPDATE: M2.1-Class Flare/CME (June 7th, 2012).

Spectacular footage Train plowing through deep snow Arthurs Pass

Devastating 1966 Documents Blows Bilderberg Agenda Wide Open!!


Obama Must Go! Russia Warns War Against America "Use With Nuclear Weapons"

muslim convert to Christianity beheaded in Tunisia

End Time Headlines News and Headlines from a "Prophetic Prospective"

Israeli SF & Special Ops 2012 יחידות מיוחדות ומובחרות של צה"ל

Palestinian Paraphrasing

66-ft concrete dock washes ashore in Oregon from Japans Earthquake/Tsuna...


Jun 5, 2012 U.S._Firefighters continue struggle against massive New Mexi...

Furious protesters burn an effigy of Sri Lanka's president outside Commo...

BREAKING NEWS First severe winter snow Arthurs Pass NZ

JCPenney ad features gay dads

67th Anniversary of D-Day

EIMOS Expal 60mm 81mm Integrated Mortar System light wheeled vehicle Spa...

German contribution to Israel's security

Jun 5, 2012 Egypt_Mass protest gathers force in central Cairo

Best Venus Transit Moments -- A Video-Music Montage

Stunning Morning Star Transition 2012 HD

Dead Hand & Foot Delivered To Canada School (Zombie)

Tons Dead Fish Japan! Begley Now On Blogtalkradio Daily

Locust Swarms Replace Muammar Gaddafi In Libya! Prophecy

3MIN News June 6 2012

All we have to say about it

Huge Asteroid Moving Towards Earth found on google sky

White House: Abu Yahya al-Libi 'major blow' al-Qaeda

Venus Transit In Its Entirety | Time-Lapse Video