Friday, August 31, 2012

SOLAR ACTIVITY UPDATE: C8.4-Flare/Filament Eruption/CME (September 1st, ...

Sun's southeastern limb Erupted August 31st, producing a Massive C8 Clas...

US taking no position on China/Japan disputed Islands?

Economic Terrorism Part Two - Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis, Septemb...

Pentagon threatens legal action over Osama bin Laden book

Stuff They Don't Want You to Know - Second Civil War

More Signs Israel May Attack Iran In September

8/31/2012 -- Multiple views of Large solar filament eruption -- Earth Di...

More Prophecy News For Aug. 31, 2012 With Frank DiMora

8/31/2012 -- Severe weather -- Tornadoes in Midwest -- tropical storm le...

Coast to Coast AM August 2012 (playlist)

Coast to Coast AM - February 23 2012 - Unexplained Sounds

Israel's Critical Security Needs for a Viable Peace

10 Unknown West Bank Facts

Researchers Implant Bionic Eye

Eurozone inflation and unemployment rise

Military first responders rescue hundreds in the wake of Isaac

8/31/2012 -- 7.6 magnitude earthquake in Philippines


2MIN News August 31, 2012: Quakes North and South, Sunspots

7.9 Magnitude Earthquake Hits 8-31-2012

Major Earthquakes and God's warning signs

Prophecy in the News: Wild Jewish Imaginations

No-fly zone over Syria 'not ruled out' by France, UK

Dreams Israel

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Surviving 2012 and Beyond - The Coming Financial Collapse


NWO Centralises Power: EU Bank Pushes For Control Of 6000 Eurozone Banks


Pakistan: A Mother Imprisoned

China's military says it has capability & determination to safeguard Dia...

Iran pushing for war with Israel

Marine BRANDON RAUB Speaks Out Against US Gov't Tyranny

Wall Street Spends Week in Low Volume in Anticipation of Bernanke's Spee...

Images From or Of Hurricane Isaac August 30 2012

Prophecy in the News: The Grape Harvest

STUNNER! IFTAR DINNER LIES! Obama Butchers The Truth! Bolsters M'Bhood!

Military Muppet TV character urges Israelis to prepare for imminent Stri...

Massive Evacuation in Louisiana as Percy Quin Dam threatens to break (Au...

Rebels Attack Syrian Airfields (Dispatch)

Fortifications Of The Gihon Spring- City of David

50,000 Need To Evacuate Louisiana Floods Water!

ScienceCasts: The Radiation Belt Storm Probes

NASA Launches Radiation Belt Storm Probes Mission


The Rapture & Law of First Fruits

UN Arms Trade Treaty: Tom Mason - World Forum on the Future of Sport Sho...

Platform To Give Rise To The Antichrist

Planetary Alignment / X-Flare Watch Dec 17-18, 2012

ISRAEL IS NOT FOR SALE! The lion is awaken (IDF Power)

MB Official: Peace With Israel Brought Cancer And Other Diseases To Egypt

2MIN News August 30, 2012: Arctic Follow-Up, Buoy Events, Sun Awakening

Madrid faces worst wildfires in a decade - no comment

Isaac Update Updated 10 AM CDT 8-30-12


URGENT PROPHECY: Norway Quake 6.6 And 66 Dead West Nile!

Dead Fish, Birds, Cows, Deer, Bison Thousands World Wide!

Video: Isaac lashes New Orleans, batters villages in Louisiana

Left Behind? What's Next?

An Ancient Book Of Psalms Found Opened To Psalms 83 | Other Nations Plot...

Hal Lindsey answers if there really is a Hell

Prophecy Signs for Aug. 29, 2012 With Frank DiMora

SHOCKING! DNC Schedules Muslim Prayers Ahead of Convention/Muslim B'Hoo...

Important Message 1 8-29-2012


DHS Insider: Obama Planning Massive October Surprise!

National Threat Management System Video

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

ScienceCasts: Watch Out For The Blue Moon

UN observers leave Syria as their mission ends

Unusual Militant Activity in Georgia (Dispatch)

Prophecy in the News: Ancient Time Travelers

IDF aerial video: Israel airstrike Strikes Hamas compound in Gaza (Aug 2...

Typhoon Bolaven strikes South Korea: battle to rescue typhoon stricken ship

Hurricane Isaac as Seen From the International Space Station - Aug. 28, ...

Egyptian Cleric Mansour Explains Wife Beating in Islam: A Wife Should Pl...

Daily Funerals for Assad-Regime Loyalists


Earthquake and Weather Update 8-28-2012

DiMora's Red Flag Still Up

America ready to attack Syria?

NASA Sees Hurricane Isaac Affecting the Northern Gulf Coast

Obama Assassination Plot "Stopped" In Time

2MIN News August 29, 2012: NASA Sees Another NLC-Space Connection

Hurricane Isaac "Getting Bad" 12 Ft. High Levee's Breaking

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Earth quake red flag still up- More prophecy news for Aug. 28, 2012 seco...

Revelation in Art

Chinese Fishermen Dead, Missing After Typhoon Bolaven Hits South Korea

China has tested DF-41 ICBM and JL-2 SLBM

Prophecy Signs For Aug. 28, 2012 With Frank DiMora

Hurricane Isaac Update 5 PM EDT 8-28-12

Hurricane Isaac and the Importance of New Orleans (Dispatch)

Creepy Military Helicopters Harass Downtown Minneapolis - Aug. 28, 2012

President Obama issues warning ahead of Hurricane Isaac landfall

Armstrong On Moon - On TV | Video

Prophecy in the News: Moved Like the Rivers

Iranium - Full Length Movie

"Shabbat hunter" anti-Semitic Iranian film

China's Second Artillery Corps: New Trends in Force Modernization, Doctr...

euronews hi-tech - Getting to grips with an artificial finger

Iran - The Greatest Threat to Western Civilization

Preparing for Battle: The Nahal Brigade's Reconnaissance Battalion

The Events That Will Occur When The Shofars (Trumpets) Are Blown In Reve...

Iran Sends Another Warship Though The Suez Canal

First human voice beamed from another planet

Student RFID tracking in Middle Schools

How an Anti-Semitic Picture Made the News

2MIN News August 28, 2012: Record Arctic Melt

IAF Strikes Two Weapons Sites in Gaza

Hurricane Isaac Update 08/28/12

Mini-Tornado in Guatemala Causes Some Damage - Aug. 26, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012

GRAY STATE Official Concept Trailer #1

West Coast U.S. Expecting Big EQ? (Original Air Date: April 14, 2011)

China tests Dongfeng-41 Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

Anti-Japanese Riots and Wen Concerned over Slowing Export

Stephen Coughlin, Part 4: Muslim Brotherhood, Arab Spring & the 'Milesto...

Joseph Farah: Obama 2nd Term Will Destroy America

The History Of Earthquakes in September

Hollande Sends Warning to Syria

Weather and Earthquake Update ... The Word as well

Prophecy in the News: Control the Map

Rebels shoot down Syrian Army plane over Damascus

Spain weaker than previously thought

U.S. Embassy Vehicle Attack in Mexico (Dispatch)

California Earthquake Swarm Precursors Aug 26, 2012

Watch Experience in Motion

Earthquake Swarm Hits California - Aug 26th, 2012

2MIN News August 27, 2012: Earth Shakes

RFID Scientist "Hack" Your Brain! Prophetic Technology!

30 Quakes Over 3.5 In California Sunday!! Apocalypse Now?

New Orleans "Hurricane Isaac" Is Coming! Katrina Anniversary!

Tropical Storm Update Isaac 8-27-12 ADVISORY #26

EARTHQUAKE BREAKING UPDATE! 8.27.12 North America, M 7.4 and 5.4 Quakes.

North Korea's Kim Jong-un readies Military to retaliate as US/South Kore...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

8/27/2012 -- 7.4M earthquake Offshore of El Salvador -- Central America


Egyptian Professor Gamal Zahran: Allah Willing, Next Year Israel Will Be...

A Massive Colorful Dust Devil (Aug 27, 2012)

Ready For The Rapture, Right? Are You Sure?

West Coast News Earthquakes

West Coast Update 8-26-2012

Armstrong Recalls History-Making Career

Venezuela Amuay refinery inferno as deadly blast hits plant (Video)

Tropical Storm Isaac Update 8-26-12

8/26/2012 -- MASSIVE Earthquake Swarm in South California = BE PREPARED

West Coast HEADS UP .. Quakes a fireing 8-26-2012

Strange Loud Booms Felt and Heard in El Dorado County California

"Christian America!"

SOLAR ACTIVITY UPDATE: New Sunspots/Sunspot Genesis (Aug 26th, 2012).

2MIN News August 26, 2012: Gulf Coast Alert


California Residents Baffled By Mysterious Ground Shaking, Loud Thunder ...

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Neil Armstrong's 'One Small Step' That Changed The World | Video

Lightning strikes four times in the same spot and it's all on tape.wmv

'Israel drops Iran-attack hints to US'

Jack Van Impe -- A New World Order?

Hurricane Issac causes concern on the Dominican Republic

BREAKING! CHEMTRAILS~PROOF Scientific Analysis Reveals - Aluminum, Bariu...

China says Diaoyu Islands are part of its territory since Ming Dynasty i...

3MIN News August 25, 2012


L.A. Sink Hole and Tropical Storm Isaac 8-25-2012 Heads Up

8/25/2012 -- Severe Weather overview -- Hurricane / T.S. ISAAC moving to...

Complaints cause atheist-funded billboards in North Carolina to come dow...

Are You Really A Christian?

Christ's Teaching About Judging Others

Friday, August 24, 2012

Jack Van Impe -- Final Signs Fulfilled Rapture Imminent

The Rapture is Imminent is Unquestionably a Biblical Term!

Hal Lindsey Report (8.24.12)

Rapture Answers Part Three: The Chronological Outline of Revelation & th...

Assad's warning to invade Israel if he is attacked

Salinelle di PaternĂ², Etna. Volcanoes of PaternĂ². Mount Etna Volcano. HD

Significance of the Shofar: Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis, August 27...

"Hundreds of Thousands" Victim of Psychiatric Abuse in China: Report

Wretched: What Happens to Babies Who Die?

Sun's Fury Dramatic Increase - 2009 and 2012 Compared | Video

Egyptians Protest Against Mohammad Mursi....

10 Everyday NASA Inventions

Bridge collapses in China - no comment

STARWATER - A Look at Our Changing Planet

Robert D. Kaplan on U.S.-Asia Relations (Agenda)

News Pointing ToThe Next Middle East War

Tropical Storm Isaac ... Gulf Coast States Heads Up

Zombie Apocalypse Training