Monday, April 30, 2012

Hiroshima Aftermath 1946 USAF Film

World Battleground, 1000 years of war in 5 minutes

A Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945 - by Isao Hashimoto

Are Lowering Clouds Countering Climate Change? | Video

Jonathan Cahn 1 with Sid Roth - Harbinger the Warning

Jonathan Cahn 2 with Sid Roth - Harbinger the Shaking

Wretched: The Real History of the Crusades.

Sinking Spain: Lost in the recession pit

BREAKING! Politician/Candidate for Congress says: ELIGIBILITY ISSUE IS ...

10 Incredible Things That Happen Every Second

Missiles next door: London roofs on duty for safe Olympics

Occupy Place To Pray, Not Global Disruption!

Israeli FUTURE WEAPONS | נשקים עתידניים של ישראל

1200 Dead Pelicans In Peru! Will Man Be Next?

Prophecy of the Popes Part 2

Chemtrails on a big HAARP day 4/30/12

USA Deploys F-22 Stealth Fighter Jets Near Iran!!

Where are all the shoppers in Germany?

President Obama: I Was Born In Hawaii "Wink Wink" 2012

Emergency Ejection - Why Private Spacecraft Need Abort Systems | Video

Steven Brooks with Sid Roth - God's Nuclear Power

Red Cross Doctor Beheaded Pakistan, 21 Christians Murdered

4/30/2012 -- 'HAARP rings' / 'Circle sweeps' / Scalar Square outbreak = ...

Mandatory national service for Israeli Arabs?

2MIN News Apr30: Weird Quakes, Planetary/Solar Update

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Space shuttle Enterprise in Statue of Liberty flypast


Israel Defense Forces Forever !


Pakistan Army - One Force, One Family, One Nation - Youm-e-Shuhada 2012 ...

SEASON OF THE WIND: "Massive" Wind Storm Collapses Tent, Killing 1 & Inj...

4/29/2012 -- Japan 'cloud' UPDATE -- petro-chem or radioactive = west co...

UK to put missiles on flats' rooftops to guard Olympics

SEASON OF THE WINDS: Extreme Weather - Strong Winds Force Dramatic Plane...

Russian Military Power 2012 |HD|

I.D.F Recon Unit Sayeret Golani movie | צה"ל סיירת גולני

Breitbart's Coroner Dead Murder Arsenic Poisoning!

Florida Pastor Terry Jones Burns Koran, USA Warplanes Iran

Ron Paul Warns People of possible False Flag Attack: 'Ship' or 'City'

muslims kill Christians in Nigeria, Kenya

Dynamic Earth_Screener

INDIA: Rishikesh - Karnprayag Rail Link Earthquake Prone

Apr 29, 2012 Egypt_Saudi Arabia plunge into diplomatic crisis

SOLAR ACTIVITY UPDATE: Weekend Report (April 28th-29th, 2012).

Hal Linsdey Report (4.27.12)

Jack Van Impe (4.28.12)

Russian Troops Will Train In America! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?


Lasco C3 - Unusual Object. 29 April, 2012.

Second Law of Thermodynamics

Friday, April 27, 2012

(Hungarian / Magyar) THRIVE: What On Earth Will it Take? (Hivatalos Magy...

Mysterious 'Monster' Washes Up In Seal Beach, CA - April 26, 2012

Prophecy Of The Last Pope - St. Malachy


ScienceCasts: Amateur Scientists Discover Galactic Bubbles

Russian invisible laser bomb detector makes molecular scan at 50 meters ...

NASA | GOES-R: Changing the Future of Storm Prediction

George Friedman on Rising Instability in the EU (Agenda)

4/27/2012 -- Cloud of depleted URANIUM heading towards Hawaii and West C...

Apr 27, 2012 Egypt_Egyptians feel disillusioned with ongoing power struggle

Wretched: Joel Osteen is Dangerous

Kilauea Caldera April 19-26, 2012

AGE OF OBAMA: Police State USA - CISPA Abolishes People's Right to be Un...

CISPAtriot Act: End of privacy approved by House

GEOLOGICAL UPHEAVAL: Man Swallowed by Jersey Shore Sinkhole!

Prophecy of the Popes

On the frontline with South Sudan's army

US House passes CISPA

HIGH STRANGENESS: Odd Phenomenon - Green Clouds Over Moscow Spark Apocal...

American Crossroads: "Cool"

American Crossroads: Operation Hot Mic- YOU GOTTA WATCH THIS!!!

Soyuz space capsule parachutes back to Earth

Apr 26, 2012 China_Russia, China conclude war games in Yellow Sea

Obama's Crucifixion Of America's Energy

One World Trade Center Construction Time Lapse

Are We Living In The END TIMES? Carl Gallups Explains

4 Explosions Ukraine, 4 Hostages London UK, Suicide Kills 9 In Syria

Scottish Police Say Bibles Are "Homophobic" Whaaaaat?

The VENTER Group - Scientists PROVE Intelligent Design! Carl Gallups Ex...

False Flag: The Alien Perception 2012 HD

28,613 Dead Fish In Ohio!! Hosea Prophecy Continues!

2MIN News Apr27: Solar Activity, GeoMagnetics, World Update

OUTBREAK!! Meningitis Kills 749 People...

France Turkey Consider Intervention of Syria!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rapture News (playlist)

Russian Troops To Target Terrorists in America As Part of Drill 26.apr.2012

Avatar-A: Scientists prepare for human brain transplant

Russian Commandos Instrumental in Attempt to Disarm Americans

Syria: footage of aftermath of Hama attack

Apr 25, 2012 North Korea_Servicepersons of DPRK Wait for Order of Action

Lava Flow In Hawaii's Puu Oo Crater - April 2012.wmv

CNN "Texas Blood Lake" Pastor Paul Begley! Apocaylpse

Erik Stakelbeck covers Muslim Brotherhood in America Course launch


Asteroid Threat Becomes A Promise: New Space Venture Launches | Video

Mexico Volcano's Ash Cloud Spied from Space | Video

South Sudan - Night vision SPLA Mighty army rolling in Pantau/Heglig (De...

Robert Spencer: Did Muhammad Exist?

End Time Signs

Israel Official: Israel and Other Countries Will Attack Iran If Necessar...

Federal Govt Attempts to Seize Control of Food Retail System

Python vs Alligator 01 -- Real Fight -- Python attacks Alligator

10 More Abandoned Places

Get Off My Land,You Liberal Nut Job

The Netherlands and the European Crisis (Dispatch)

Lasco C2 - Unusual Object. 24 April, 2012.

Nutrition Blogger Steve Cooksey Could Spend 120 Days in Jail Just for Promoting ‘Paleo Diet’ |

Nutrition Blogger Steve Cooksey Could Spend 120 Days in Jail Just for Promoting ‘Paleo Diet’ |

Apr 26, 2012 China_Russian, Chinese warships hold firing exercises at sea

Wild Bill's Tax Plan

NATO Summit - Some Chicago Residents on Temporary LOCKDOWN

The Jewish Faithful are Ready to Rebuild the Temple - Prophecy Today Vid...

FIRE IN THE SKY: NASA Calls Meteor Eruption Over Nevada, a "Huge Event" ...

Islamic Antichrist?

God Discussion Article "End Times Party 2012"

RFID Micro-Chip "Letter From Video Maker" Of Philippines!

North Korea's Rockets Are "Fakes" Whaaaaaat?

NATO Summit: "Chicago May Be Evacuated"

More Chinese Netizens Jump over Great Firewall

2MIN News Apr26: NASA, Magnetic Storm

Pythons Invade The Everglades


Seems a sheep farmer was puzzled about the disappearance of some sheep on his farm. After a few weeks the farmer decided to put up an electric fence. 

About a week later, this is what he found! 

Now, I know we've all heard of people being eaten by snakes & I bet most of us have said, 'If a snake tried to eat me, I'd blah, blah, blah & get away.' 
Well, this is a Python & they're extremely aggressive & have a few teeth that they use to hold their prey while they wrap around them & then constrict. 
Could you get away if this one bit you & held on with it's 'few teeth?' 
(Note: The wires are 10 inches apart.) — at Everglades National Park, Florida.

NASA | Warm Ocean Currents Cause Majority of Ice Loss from Antarctica

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chinese Military 2011 [HD 720p] | srdjanHD

Russian Military Commercial / Promo Video |HD|

Russian Russia army 106th Guards Airborne Division military exercices ai...

COAS Witnesses Training Exercises In Muzaffargarh Ranges (24-04-2012) - ...

Fukushima 85 times WORSE than Chernobyl nuclear disaster !!!

Apr 19, 2012 South Korea_unveils new Cruise Missiles

Saturn and Jupiter Systems Stunning Close-Ups Compiled in New Video

WWIII - Is Sinking the USS Enterprise Next? - Naval Update Map 4-25-12

Drones to patrol US protests !

April 2012 Fireball Roundup + New Footage from Brazil

GLOBAL VOLCANISM: Mount Etna Spews Lava in Spectacular Show - Erupts For...

United States Air Force, Air, Space, and Cyberspace

Mt.Popo Update

Iran Prepares For "The Last 6 Months" Apocaylpse!

RFID Micro-Chip Forced Implanted Philippines (Video) PT 1

RFID Micro-Chip Mind Control Philippines 666 (Video) PT 2

Islamic Forces

Stellar Nursery's Glowing Gas Illuminates Telescope's View | Video

Pakistan successfully test fires Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile Ha...

3MIN News Apr25: Solar Watch/Magnetic Storm Watch

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

December 21st 2012 :History's Final Day?

IDF Remembers Fallen Soldier Dan Talasnikov

'Fireball' Lights Up Daytime Sky in Nevada and California [Pictures] - A...

Muslim Brotherhood in America: The Overview

Teenager disappears into ground as sinkhole opens up in Chinese pavement

Tale of the Shepherd Planets

Alert! Mad Cow Disease Discovered in California Again April 24, 2012

Palestinian Indoctrination: Child Recites Anti-Israel Poem, "Our Enemy, ...

Obama condemns monitoring abroad as Congress pushes CISPA

Mt.PoPo in Mexico/Live Cam of Eruption/ Imagen del Volcán Popocatépetl

Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope?

יום העצמאות Independence Day Israel

The Universe - Season 1 Episode 04 - Jupiter- The Giant Planet

Prophecy Signs for April 24, 2012 with Frank DiMora

Close to the Edge.

Sun-Diving Comet - Earth Directed CME - 24th April 2012.wmv

4/24/2012 -- Mount Etna - Italy - Erupts violently

Bibles on Base

New Video about Iranian Threat to Israel and America (4.24.12)

AMERICA - Bank Bailouts To Haunt Your Dreams

The Tribal Update makes Danish ISMers an offer they can't refuse

People's army march back into clean-up, Islamist militants dead-bodies k...

Allen West: FBI Allowing Muslim Brotherhood Influence of National Securi...

Half of Moscow's landfills full to brim

Apr 24, 2012 China_Russia naval drill makes waves in emerging region

Taxing Us Into Communism

George Washington's Prayer For America!!

Apr 23, 2012 China_and Russian naval officers celebrated Navy Day

Reports of SeaGulls Moving Inland/US & China.

Extend and Pretend Economics then COLLAPSE

Where Is The Rapture Taught In The Bible? (

DARPAs Hypersonic Nuke Glider the 'Falcon' test flight Apr 23, 2012

Kansas Churches Being Forced To Host Gay Weddings

Narrated: Moonset over the Atlantic Ocean

2MIN News: Volcanos, Spaceweather, Planetary/Lunar Position

Etna Eruption 23 to 24 April 2012. Etna Eruption, HD

Egypt/ Israel gas deal terminated

"The Trayvon War"

Iran Declares A Blockade of Strait Of Hormuz!

Asteroid Threat Becomes A Promise: New Space Venture Launches | Video