Monday, July 23, 2012

7/24/2012 -- Snow and Sleet north of Idaho -- NE SE N SW and W = hail / ...

SOLAR ACTIVITY UPDATE: Not So Quiet Sun(July 24th, 2012).

Beijing Submerged After Worst Floods In 61 Years

"Bloody Gun Free Zones"

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Mexican Drug War Update (Dispatch)

Smart Battery Brings New Energy to Home and Industry

Aurora shootings: James Holmes appears in court with orange hair

Two servicemembers among those killed in Colorado shooting

Massive Rainstorm Floods Beijing

Heavy rainfall in Beijing - no comment

Mudslides in Austria - no comment

Wretched: The Bully President?

Superhero bug could wipe out deadly diseases

What's So Funny About Egypt? - Interview with Belal Fadl

could the use of chemical weapons start the Psalm 83 war?

Damascus Readies Chemical Weapons! Isaiah 17 + Naval Maps

2MIN News July 23, 2012