Friday, September 21, 2012

Days of Elijah

M 5.1 EARTHQUAKE - GREECE 09/22/12

'Day of Love' in Pakistan: Video of deadly anti-US protest

CNN idiot Erin Burnett says 'Jihad' means self-improvement

Three Mile Island Shutdown, Vents Radioactive Steam - Independent Testin...

The Ongoing Crisis in Syria (Agenda)

Russia River is Boiling Apocalypse Sign?

Iran Parades Military Hardware as Tehran flexes muscles Warning Israel/U...

Stuff They Don't Want You to Know - Water Wars

SABR AESA Radar for the F-16

MAJOR Prophetic Heavenly Sign Discovered! - Possible RAPTURE Timing Unco...

"Lying Liberal Church"

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Russia River Is "Boiling" Whaaaaat? Apocalypse Sign! (Demon Face In Water)?

BREAKING: Pakistan 16 Dead 195 Injured Riots Over Mohammad

Islam and post chronological history

Surprise! Our Al-Qaeda Allies in Libya Attacked Us

HUGE Farside CME, September 21 2012

10 Mathematical Equations That Changed The World

2MIN News Sept 21, 2012

China, Japan Both Send Patrol Boats Toward Islands!

Hal Lindsey end times new world order

Jerusalem belongs to Israel alone - Hal Lindsey

120921 - Edge of Fascism

Prophecy in the News: A Spontaneous Plan

BREAKING: South Korea Fires On North Korea Boats!

Blind faith in Mideast democracy behind US policy backfire